Interpretation Skiils: American Sign Language to English
by Marty M. Taylor, PhD
ISBN 978-0-9697792-4-7

An essential resource book in the field of ASL-English interpreting

Interpretation is a very complex task. Practitioners, students and educators live with this complexity every day. They know that “giving voice” to a signer’s discourse calls on a whole family of skills — but exactly what are they? Essential skills must be clearly defined for students as well as practitioners to become more accurate and more eloquent interpreters.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Marty Taylor has researched interpretation. In this book she analyzes the specific skills needed to convey ASL to English and describes the key elements of accurate and eloquent interpretation of a signer’s message into English. Forty-one (41) distinct skills are identified and carefully defined, along with full descriptions of the interpretation errors that commonly occur when any particular skill is missing.

Interpretation Skills: ASL to English is also an important resource for people involved in assessing the skill levels of interpreters for education, employment, accreditation or self-improvement purposes.

The book steps readers through a logical path of skill development. There are careful explanations, plentiful examples, a comprehensive subject index and clear guidance on how to use the book to best advantage.