Complexities in
Educational Interpreting:

An Investigation into Patterns of Practice

Interpretation Skills:
English to ASL

and the Companion DVD-Ants
for the book "Interpretation Skills:
English to American Sign Language"

Legacies and Legends

by Carolyn Ball

101 Activities for
Teaching ASL

Instructor handouts and fun activities
for ASL students

ASL Classifiers,
ASL Numbers

35 short passages each

American Sign Language
to English

by Marty M. Taylor Ph.D


Interpreting Consolidated’s primary objective is to enhance the quality of American Sign Language (ASL) – English interpretation available to hearing and Deaf people. We produce high quality DVDs and books for people working to improve their ASL and/or interpretation skills and for those who teach these skills to others.

Our product range is for:


  • Sign Language students
  • Interpreting and translation students
  • ASL-English interpreting and translation practitioners
  • ASL-English interpreter educators/trainers
  • ASL and interpreting instructors
  • Professionals who use ASL in their work
  • Parents of Deaf and hard of hearing children
  • Literacy students studying ASL-English and translation

  • Sign Language Programs
  • Deaf Studies Programs
  • Interpreter Education Programs
  • Schools for the Deaf
  • Public Libraries with Deaf-related materials, resources, and products
  • School Districts that have deaf and hard of hearing students
  • Employers of interpreters

The Pursuit of ASL DVD series with Angela Petrone Stratiy meets the growing need for visual materials to help serious students of ASL, in all stages of their careers. Our DVD using classifiers in 35 passages is widely used. Students report that the product has helped them improve their ASL comprehension and integrate the uniquely expressive features of classifiers into their signing and interpreting. A DVD showing ASL’s sophisticated numbering systems in 35 passages is the second release in the Pursuit of ASL series.

Those who want to go beyond ASL fluency and take on the challenges of becoming an effective interpreter will find our Interpretation Skills books essential. Based on unique research into the major features of successful interpretations, these books offer a road map of skill development for interpreting students, interpreter educators, and practitioners.

The newly released Interpretation Skills: English to ASL (Second Edition) describes 85 skills. Its companion DVD with sample interpretations including a Deaf and hearing team preparing and debriefing supports the mastery of those skills. Interpretation Skills: ASL to English describes 45 skills.

The book 101 Activities for Teaching ASL is a great resource for instructors to help engage their ASL students in fun and challenging ways. The activities have clear descriptions and illustrated handouts that are reproducible. 101 Activities also includes an index allowing instructors to easily choose appropriate activities to support learning in specific areas.

The history of interpreter education was Dr. Carolyn Ball’s dissertation and is now available as a book Legacies and Legends: History of Interpreter Education from 1800 to the 21st Century. Ball’s passion for documenting this history is clearly evident with historical photos and passages from personal interviews. This book discusses and highlights where interpreters have come from, who were the major players, and most importantly how did interpreting become a profession?