Interpretation Skills: English to ASL , Companion DVD–Ants
by Marty M. Taylor, PhD
ISBN 978-0-99402-700-9

For use with the book, Interpretation Skills: English
 to American Sign Language, first and second editions

  • 15-minute English lecture
  • Includes a Deaf and hearing team with their preparation, interpretation, and a debriefing of their work. Also includes 3 additional certified hearing interpreters.
  • 155 short clips of segments from all the interpretations are categorized for easier contrastive discussions of skills applicable to the eight Major Features of the companion book:

The original video material for the DVD was created by Dr. Brenda Nicodemus for her doctoral research, Prosodic Markers and Utterance Boundaries in American Sign Language Interpretation (Gallaudet University Press, 2009).

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