Pursuit of ASL: Interesting Facts Using Numbers
with Angela Petrone Stratiy, MEd
(DVD) ISBN 0-9780969-7792-6-1

ASL has far more numbering systems than does English. Angela Petrone Stratiy, an eloquent native signer, presents 35 short passages incorporating ASL numbers within a wide variety of contexts. ASL numbers are crucial to produce accurately and comprehend well. The intricacies of the many different numbering systems in ASL is fundamental to fluency in the language.

The passages include the use of cardinal and ordinal numbers as well as numbers applied to height, sports, distance, dates, money, and more.

Topics include:

  • How do address systems differ?
  • What if Barbie was a real woman?
  • How do you calculate exchange rates?
  • What is the secret of the nine times table?
  • How do you make butter tarts?
  • How cold can it get?

Angela Petrone Stratiy, MEd

Angela is a native signer with over 40 years of experience teaching ASL and interpreting. In addition to teaching, she uses her expertise in ASL as a Deaf interpreter, a comedian and a consultant for a variety of educational institutions and organizations.