Legacies and Legends: Interpreter Education from 1800 to the 21st Century
by Dr. Carolyn Ball, PhD
ISBN 978-0-9697792-8-5

Professionals from all professions must know their history! Interpreters, students, and educators will appreciate Dr. Carolyn Ball’s book Legacies and Legends: History of Interpreter Education from 1800 to the 21st Century. It answers all the questions sign language interpreting students, and practitioners, have about the history of interpreter education in the United States. How did interpreting become a profession? What were the laws that affected Deaf people and the provision of interpreters? Who were the major players in the development of interpreter education?

Dr. Ball’s passion for her subject is clearly evident. Legacies includes over 40 historical photos and incredible passages from personal interviews of the important pioneers who were involved in shaping what the profession is today.

Dr. Carolyn Ball has been an interpreter educator for nearly 30 years. She is currently Executive Director of the VRS Interpreting Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Did you know…

  • Abraham Lincoln signed The Enabling Act allowing Deaf and hard of hearing students access to post secondary education.
  • NAD and ASLTA were significant collaborators in the growth of interpreter education.
  • CIT had its roots in RID.