Pursuit of ASL: Interesting Facts Using Classifiers
with Angela Petrone Stratiy, MEd
(DVD) ISBN 0-9697792-5-9

Are you articulate when you use classifiers in ASL? Do you understand the message when someone else uses classifiers? If you are interested in enhancing your skills in this area, this DVD is for you.

Classifiers are challenging to understand and to use well, regardless of one’s experience. Angela Petrone Stratiy, an eloquent native signer, presents 35 short passages.

Topics have been chosen to illustrate a wide variety of classifier use. They include:

  • Why do we get dizzy?
  • How do bruises form?
  • How does the magician saw the woman in half?
  • How was Velcro invented?
  • How do light bulbs work?
  • How do keys open locks?
  • How do octopi protect themselves?
  • How to hang pictures evenly.

Angela Petrone Stratiy, MEd

Angela is a native signer with over 40 years of experience teaching ASL and interpreting. In addition to teaching, she uses her expertise in ASL as a Deaf interpreter, a comedian and a consultant for a variety of educational institutions and organizations.


The Pursuit of ASL series DVDs are excellent resources to use with the books: