About Angela Petrone Stratiy…

Interpreting Consolidated author and video creator Angela Petrone Stratiy is a gifted teacher and a native signer who was raised in a Deaf family. After she graduated from the Saskatchewan School for the Deaf, she went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature at Gallaudet University and a Master of Education degree in Deaf Education at Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College). She has taught at the North Dakota School for the Deaf, the Manitoba School for the Deaf, and the Alberta School for the Deaf. She has also taught courses in American Sign Language and Deaf Culture for the ASL/English Interpreter Education program and Sign Language Studies program at Grant MacEwan College (now MacEwan University) and Lakeland College in Edmonton, Alberta.

Angela is a Deaf Interpreter (DI). In addition to interpreting, she uses her expertise in ASL as a consultant and educator for post-secondary institutions and for video-relay interpreting providers. She is the author of 101 Activities for Teaching ASL, published by Interpreting Consolidated; co-authored the book Deaf Women of Canada; and contributed to The Canadian Dictionary of ASL and ASLphabet: The American Sign Language Dictionary for Kids. Her eloquent ASL is featured on two videos, Pursuit of ASL: Interesting Facts Using Classifiers and Pursuit of ASL: Interesting Facts Using Numbers, both produced by Dr. Marty Taylor and published by Interpreting Consolidated.

Angela is also an internationally renowned performer and comedian whose one-woman comedy show and video You Think Deaf People Have Problems? featured her humorous perspectives on hearing people and how Deaf people survive in a hearing world. Angela was a founding member of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, and in 2002, she was awarded the Governor General of Canada’s Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for her service to the Deaf community.

Today Angela is still working as a tutor and trainer, and is Assistant to the Sign Language Institute Canada (SLIC) Chair, working in the areas of American Sign Language Instructors of Canada Evaluation (ASLICE) and American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI). She is retired as a performer, but maintains her involvement with both the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf and the Alberta Cultural Society of the Deaf as an honourary member.

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