Angela explains two activities from her book, “101 Activities for Teaching ASL.”

Translation below.

Description: Angela wearing a purple shirt, sits next to her pink book, “101 Activities for Teaching ASL.”

Activity #24, ‘Finding Places on a Map,’ focuses on fingerspelling and locatives while asking for and giving directions to specific places on a street map.

The students work in pairs with Handout A to one student, and Handout B to the other. 

Each handout has a map, a Map Legend and five listed items to purchase.

Although the maps on Handout A and B look the same, each are missing different information to be filled in by the students.

Here is an example of the students’ conversation in ASL:

Student A will ask Student B: I want to buy a book on gardening. Where can I buy that?

Student B will consult their map and Map Legend, and replies: The bookstore (#2) is located on Maple Road, in between the theatre and the university.

Student A will locate that empty dot on their handout between the theatre and university, consult the Map Legend, and write down #2 to indicate the bookstore location.

Student B will then ask Student A: Where can I buy an extra large mocha latte?

Student A refers to their map and Map Legend, and replies: The coffee shop (#1) is located at the intersection of Juniper Avenue and Maple, across from the theatre and university.

This continues until all items are purchased and locations labeled. Variations can be added to increase difficulty.

Activity #86, ‘Things, Things, Things,’ focuses on fingerspelling and building vocabulary by listing as many things as possible in various categories.

Activity to be conducted in ASL.

The class is divided into two teams, or students can work in pairs.

The teacher or student chooses one of the provided categories for each round of competition. For example, things in a bank.

Each team, or student will list as many things they can think of to find in a bank.

After one minute, the class will regroup to discuss the vocabulary words and signs. A point is awarded to the team with the most items listed. 

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