A Fascinating Individual


Jen Southall, a certified hockey coach, state board disabled hockey rep, and a rookie running back/linebacker for the WNFC’s Oregon Ravens, has penned her unique experiences.

An excerpt from the blog, PuckerUp Sports:

“Now, I am world weary. In the 30 some years I’ve been on this planet, and in light of the BLM movement which has peeled back the ugly underbelly of our society, it has shown the inequality for BIPOC/POC/WOC disabled individuals in a pandemic era.

In the time of the diversity and inclusion movement, I see an unfortunate truth coming to fruition that I hoped would not happen, but it is. We as disabled people, especially the BIPOC/POC/WOC deaf community, are being left behind in the dialogue that is occurring everywhere.”

Check out her full blog below!


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