How did Marty learn ASL?


Description: A silver-haired woman with red glasses and a navy blazer stands in front of a white wall.

English Translation:

Hello! Marty Taylor here. I grew up in the United States, currently living in Canada.  I learned ASL and became an interpreter in Seattle, Washington.  Moving to California, I continued interpreting and became an instructor. I studied at California State University, Northridge before moving to Canada in 1984.

I thought that I would  stay in Canada temporarily to teach and establish an interpreting program, expanding by hiring Deaf and hearing instructors.  Five years down the road I had still not moved.  

I decided to further my studying at the University of Alberta for a PhD in educational psychology: assessment and measurement.  

Now, I continue to interpret and teach, even online.  I develop interpreting program curricula, teach workshops, and manage IC.  I enjoy working closely with the Deaf community. 

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