The RID ED:K-12 Certificate Moratorium

Why was the moratorium on the ED:K-12 Certificate not lifted when the moratoriums were lifted on the NIC and CDI certifications? Read more about it here!

What is BASL?

What is BASL? Black American Sign Language. Read more about it here!

Space is an essential feature of ASL and should be used deliberately, carefully, and purposefully.

Learn more about it here! And an example in ASL!

Knowledge-rich skills key for effective ASL-English interpretations

Dr. Marty Taylor’s research in her book Interpretation Skills: ASL to English shows that effective interpretations require interpreters to have full competence in fundamental knowledge-lean skills before they can master the more complex and nuanced knowledge-rich skills.

Choosing an IEP

So, you’re fluent in ASL, and you want to learn to become an interpreter. How do you decide where to apply? There are many interpreter education programs (IEPs) at colleges and universities across the United States and in Canada.

Angela signs about skin.

An excerpt from one of two video series published by IC: “Pursuit of ASL: Interesting Facts Using Numbers.”